Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Beginnings

About two years ago my career fell apart. After 10 years of hard work, it was time to start over.

The inventory at the time was pretty straightforward, once I got clear of what had come before. I had me, my wife, (who, thankfully, was working) and my (then) 1 year old. The rest was up in the air. We couldn't afford care for the munchkin, so I became the stay at home parent. But honestly, as much as it was my job to take care of the little guy, it was also my job to take care of me. I hadn't been doing a great job of that in recent years, and so the down time, much as it felt like being adrift, was welcome.

The first thing I that needed attention was the general state of my physical fitness. For years I'd been spending all of my time working, and not much time working out. That had changed some in the months leading up to the shop closing, and I decided to make nap time into workout time. 

Every time I set out to work on a big goal, or a big change, working out has always been the thing that helped me move forward. And looking back, I think it's because it helps reinforce my sense of self-efficacy. A little work in the gym, or a little bit of time spent on diet, provides feedback. Being able to get results for my effort in a quantifiable way always helps to remind me that yes, I'm able to accomplish things when I try. And this time around, learning more about getting in shape was the thing that helped the habit stick.

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