Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I've been putting this off for a while, because I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. I'm sure it'll be a work in progress between layout, content, and my time-constrained ability to play with it.

I've been blogging about my woodworking for years. And I'm starting to get back to writing up the last few projects. I kept up a kitchen blog for a while, just as a goof. I still refer to it once in a while, to look up how I used to do things. I had other blogs that came and went, or were abandoned.

But there are other things that I haven't really been putting up, or putting out there. And things that I'd love to rhapsodize about.

The upshot of the demise of my shop is that I have a new trajectory: I'm going to work my way into the field of prosthetics and orthotics,, in the hopes of putting my skill and passion for making things to work for people who can use it, in a way that's actually sustainable in a way that my woodworking was not. That's going to mean school, and that has a list of other ramifications.

I'm a father... twice, now. I haven't really talked at all about that. The piss-ant kitchen has been in our rear-view mirror for over a year now. There's a new kitchen, and a few new recipes that I haven't put up or put out there yet, and more are coming... and I have a 2.5 year old who's showing an interest in helping me cook.

I found my way to kettlebells, too. I think I started lifting weights when I was 14, in boarding school, using a Universal machine. That means I've been pushing and pulling on heavy things for... 27 years? More than half of my life. But it was always in an endless cycle of work out for a while, get bored or strain something, and quit for a while. And it was, quite frankly, boring. The whole point is "push," or "pull," in whatever direction and with whatever appendage, and it worked just fine, but it always felt like a chore. Kettlebells are as much about movement and trajectory as they are about strength, and the workouts are never boring. In short, they've made physical fitness into something that's fun, and doesn't feel like a chore. That makes it sustainable for me.

On top of all of that, it's been a while since I really got down to it and wrote something on a regular basis, and I miss that, a little. It was good to be able to work my way through thoughts and ideas, and put them out there.

And I've done my best to avoid publicly writing about other things... thoughts and ideas, and random rhapsodies on topics from religion to Star Wars. And quietly, I think it would be fun to do so once in a while, in the hopes that it triggers a conversation with someone.

So, welcome to the continuing adventures of James. Grab some popcorn, and sit back.

And some floss, too. Because, you know, popcorn skins. Ugh.